DataJam x Next-Gen Media.

DataJam x Next-Gen Media.
We are delighted to announce our sweet, new partnership with DataJam to install their flagship ‘JamBox’ devices across all our screens in the UK, rolling out in time for Freshers 2022 and onwards. 

The Dynamic Duo
The combination of the revolutionary JamBox devices and our screens will unlock exciting, new insights for advertisers to optimise their campaigns for Gen-Z. In unison with our strategically positioned screens, the JamBox will allow you to track data in the highest footfall areas within large student halls at over 60 different sites throughout the UK. With the addition of the JamBox, we will empower our advertisers to gain new insights in to the performance of their campaign’s like never before. 

Introducing the JamBox
The JamBox is the first scalable, accurate, audience counting metric in the OOH market. A small, yet powerful addition, the JamBox allows for recording of footfall in real time. Despite its diminutive size, the JamBox captures the number of mobile devices within a range of up to 300m/950ft, giving you an accurate count per location, per hour, or per second. 

Check out some its Jam-packed features:

– Footfall heat maps by time of day.

– Daily totals per location.

– Custom built reporting module for you to access your own data.

– Devices seen per hour, per location.

– Average hourly counts per location.

– Month on month analysis.

– Fully Privacy & GDPR compliant.

Taking the Unknowns out of OOH
Take the unknowns out of OOH, by collecting your own REAL DATA, in REAL TIME. The JamBox is all about helping you get the most out of your own data and improving its accessibility by providing daily reports and allowing for custom reporting for you to explore the data yourself. The custom-built reporting module allows for data to be accessed quickly and easily, with the ability to run reports for any JamBox location in a matter of seconds. Real-time audience data allows for in-depth consumer insight into the consumer’s movement and purchasing habits, an ideal way of knowing what Gen-Z are looking for.