enrich resident life with live-time messages.

We are fixing the communication problem for educational providers. 

We want to change the way in which the world informs, inspires and educates students in their home. We know how busy our accommodation partners are which is why we remove the workload, risk and complexity of managing a digital signage network for them.

So, what’s in it for us? Our model is supported by suitable advertisers who purchase our media space to get their exclusive student-focused opportunities in front of your residents.

A centralised system.

Our secure dashboard connects all of your screens in one place which can all be remotely updated in live-time.

Your content can be scheduled so whether it’s a last-minute maintenance announcement or promoting an event, our system allows you to communicate instantly – speak to this tech-savvy generation in a way that they understand.

Improve residential experience.

We understand the importance for students to feel connected and supported in their home away from home.

That’s why it is important that we showcase events, help them get a good deal, encourage localised job opportunities or signposting mental health support – all of these feed into feeling genuinely heard as a student.

our brand partnerships.

We’ve built a number of collaborative brand partnerships to bring your residents the best opportunities during their stay with you, whilst also helping them to save a few quid.

From travel discounts to job opportunities and mental well-being support, we use this platform to inform, inspire and educate.

Reduce paper usage.

Our goal is to eradicate the need for paper usage for internal communication within all PBSA and University-owned residences.

Our accommodation partners are given an individual log-in to access our online content management portal; removing the need to print out endless posters and saving precious time for your team.

A responsible network.

We want to create a responsible advertising platform within University accommodation. We offset the energy usage of our network by investing in impactful projects all over the world as well as energy saving screen timers during low footfall times and tree planting initiatives for all of our accommodation providers and advertisers.

For more information about this, please visit our giving back page.

join leading partners.


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We promise there isn’t one! Our model works by teaming up with suitable advertisers who purchase the media space which funds the day-to-day delivery of our digital network.

Absolutely. We follow a strict VETO process with all of our accommodation partners to either approve or reject all branded artwork before publishing. Before this, we do our due diligence with agreed commercial guidelines to ensure we only request approval from pre-vetted, suitable advertisers.

Of course! We start with a no obligation trial period with no cancellation fees to allow you to assess the impact of our product for your site(s). If your team sees the value, then we renew our relationship with a longer-term partnership agreement.

They can be either to fit accommodation sites of all shapes and sizes but the majority of our screens are wall-mounted as they are more aesthetically pleasing and secure. We also handle the whole installation process for you, we just require access to power and a network connection.

Please just contact our team and we will generate a bespoke content reel for you which is showcased on a screen in-situ to help you visualise how it would look in your properties. It contains a mixture of internal messages, student focused discounts, mental health signposting, job opportunities, holiday well wishes and more.

In the rare circumstance there is any damage, we are covered under our insurance policy and if there are any tech-related issues, we resolve everything through our on-going tech support service. Any deeper software issues, screen replacements or upgrades would also be handled by us.