Notice boards and posters are still commonly used by accommodation providers to engage and communicate with their residents… you know who you are!

As former university students who’ve experienced living in halls first-hand, we know that these outdated methods just don’t work. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

After endless hours tinkering away, we found something new, Gen-Z tailored, and EXCITING.

Here at Target Student, we provide our accommodation partners with a network of vibrant, dynamic digital notice boards to engage, inspire, and inform their residents.


Did you know the Gen-Z attention span is around 8 seconds? Getting through to this audience means steering clear of long, complex, and dull messaging. 


“A fantastic asset for communication with our residents virtually. The digital signage has brought vibrancy and colour to an otherwise ordinary area.”

Disa, Fresh Student Living


Streamlined Communication

Our network truly enables efficient, hassle-free internal communication. Once we’ve installed your screen(s), we provide you with a centralised or site-level log-in so that you can begin to manage messaging within your building right away.

Advertising re-booking, virtual viewings, facilities, and events, or even directing traffic to your existing platforms such as internal apps or websites – the world is your oyster.

Save the trees!

We all know that traditional print signage is thrown out when its information is outdated or no longer useful…wasteful, inefficient, and expensive!

Digital signage bypasses these issues entirely. Last-minute announcement? In just a few clicks, your screen can be updated with brand new, up-to-date information.


“Having the billboard was like having an extra member of staff. The fact that there was no cost or workload added meant it was a no-brainer.”

James from Beyond the Box


Apart from a daily screen wipe, we really don’t ask for much! We know how busy our accommodation providers are, which is why we take care of the hard bits so they can focus on the important stuff.

Enriching residential life

We know that you want the best for your students, which is why we bring our extensive list of collaborative partnerships to provide them with the best opportunities to make their experience with you an unforgettable one.

Be it live job opportunities, mental well-being support, or nightlife safety advice – we understand the importance for students to feel connected, safe, and supported in their home away from home. 


Oh, and one last thing…

That’s right – our network costs our providers the same as a Freshers’ Fair stress ball.

Interested? Come and have a chat with us to find out more.