The Third-Party Cookie Crumbles.

The digital advertising landscape is undergoing a significant shift with the restriction of third-party cookies—those small data pieces used to track users’ online behaviour.  As users demand more privacy and regulatory bodies enforce stricter data protection laws, cookies are becoming obsolete.

With Google planning to give third-party cookies the boot in 2024, the ripple effect will be felt across digital channels, including online, social media, audio, out-of-home (OOH), and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

But, here’s the good news…

DOOH has always been cookie-less, standing tall and maintaining its position as a reliable, brand-safe and effective medium which leverages physical locations and tangible media to engage consumers, rather than relying on data tracking and user profiling.

As business continues as usual for DOOH, here are a few of the many opportunities this format offers for impactful audience engagement:

Contextual Relevance 🎯  

A rising opportunity emerges for contextual relevance in DOOH advertising, as traditional methods take a back seat. Brands can focus on delivering content that resonates with the environment or specific locations, fostering more meaningful connections with the audience—all without diving into individual user data. 

Integration with First-Party Data 🔗

In the post-cookie era, the importance of first-party data is heightened. Advertisers can team up with vendors, retailers, or brands to ethically gather this valuable data. This collaboration unlocks precise audience insights and targeted campaigns, all whilst safeguarding user privacy.

Dynamic Content & Real-Time Optimisation 🚀

With DOOH, brands can turn to dynamic content strategies, adjusting campaigns in real-time based on environmental shifts or audience behaviour. This flexibility ensures continuous optimisation and enables the delivery of personalised, contextually relevant content using trigger criteria and data integrations.

As we move towards a more data-private future, OOH advertising continues to provide a promising way for marketers to connect with consumers in meaningful, privacy-conscious ways. This also opens up new avenues for creative and impactful advertising strategies.


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