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How would you imagine university accommodation today?

In our discussions, a common misconception emerges: “Cinema rooms? Gyms? Impossible,” they tell us. Reminiscing about their own university experiences, our customers often recall cramped rooms with bog-standard amenities. 

However, the reality is very different.

Student accommodation has undergone a remarkable evolution to cater to the evolving needs of young people. Many of our accommodation partners offer state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of amenities, aligning with the lifestyles of students today.

Here’s a glimpse at our partner properties…

From gyms to study areas and cinema rooms, these buildings feature a variety of communal spaces that have become lively social hubs for students. It’s no surprise that a considerable chunk of student life unfolds here.

The residential experience is a top priority for our accommodation partners. Which is why they hold regular on-site events and activities that nurture a strong sense of community.


Here’s the inside scoop…

We surveyed our Student Panel, consisting of the students residing in the buildings where our screens are located, for their perspective on their accommodation’s social aspect. Here’s what we found:

Capture students where they’re most receptive.

In these environments, students have fewer reasons to venture outside. For many, it’s where they relax, study, shop online, binge-watch on streaming platforms, workout, eat meals and more, making them highly receptive within this setting.

To top it off, our accommodation partners use a portion of our network’s screen time to share important notifications with students. This increases their engagement with our brand partner ads, as they rely on our screens for essential updates.


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