Case Study Corner.

Our friends over at Goose & Gander have been busy on our screens this term…

This unisex clothing retailer have been taking full advantage of our network, honing in on the frantic Fresher’s period and the commercial bedlam that is Black Friday. We have the results back from our sensors for their Fresher’s launch campaign and they didn’t disappoint.

The Campaign?

A 28-day digital advertising across 25 screens.

The Brief?

To promote G&G’s new autumn line, drive traffic to their website and increase brand awareness whilst highlighting our network’s interactive capabilities!

The Results?

A unisex clothing retailer saw:

  • 62% increase in brand recognition
  • 22% ROI after their first month on our network

Our depth sensors captured over 250,000 impressions and over 15,000 unique engagements (this occurs when a student stands in front of the screen for more than 5 seconds).

G&G have since rebooked for Black Friday and we are proud to be able to give them a new platform to reach Gen-Z.